Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Love Being Nerdy

I started school at the start of April, so I can keep working on getting my geek degree. I mean my Associates in Accounting. With the start of a new school and semester I wanted to get everything in order to bring my desk up from my parents house and put it into the sun room my office. I had been dreaming of a nice wood floor in there to go along with my heavier then bricks desk and credenza. Oh yes, how flashy, a credenza.

Off to Home Depot we had gone a couple days earlier and I poured over the prices and colors of pergo wood flooring. The choice between .97 cents a sq ft or .97 cents a sq ft was such a hard decision, so I moved onto the color situation. I had my heart set on a dark cherry but kept convincing myself that I needed a lighter color like a light oak. At the very last minute I decided on Estate Cherry. Gorgeous! We got five boxes and one 8 foot piece of trim (they were out).

This past Saturday 4/9/2011 Ron and I started working on the sun room office. This time I can truly say that we worked on it; well, somewhat. I guess I'm still just an accessory. Ha.


The room did have carpet down, it was only glued down with some nails here and there. The dust it left behind, yuck! We got a wet/dry vac and sucked it all up!

Don't mind the blinds; you see, we got a puppy (4 months old in December, walker coonhound) whom I decided we needed ASAP on a whim. We had no crate for her so I would lock her in the room while I went to work. She decided to redecorate as you can see. It is okay though, those blinds barely worked and were so gunked up. I was planning on taking them out anyways.

This is the progress so far:

This is the first time Ron has put in a floating floor. He learned some trial and error with it. Such as; the obnoxious little metal tool you buy to help pound the joints into place so they click and lock, well it was too heavy and would scuff up the boards! We had an extra piece..ok so it wasn't extra per se but it was one we didn't need, so he butted it up against the boards and used that to help them along. Problem solved!

Isn't the color gorgeous!?

He did some more on Sunday 4/10/2011, and we are nearing the end of me having a pretty new floor!

I'm in love <3

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