Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

...How does your garden grow?

Ever since I was little I wanted a garden. My Mother always had flowers and trees and bushes that she fought with; as though she was a wild jungle tamer. And sometimes our backyard did resemble that of a jungle, minus the snakes and deadly plethora of bugs/animals.

I do remember once I had claimed a bit of the yard as mine and I planted some plants; they may or may not have grown but I know that area has popped up a ton of Rose of Sharon. I vaguely recall that I don't like that plant, no matter how many you rip out, they all grow back.

I did a fair bit of back porch gardening; that is the kind of gardener I am. I am a greeny brown thumb. If it can go in a pot, doesn't grow weeds, I don't have to walk that far to get to it, I can dump water on it from a watering can, or I can tend to it in any other manner I will garden. To say the least, I'm not a gardener. I believe my older brother got that green thumb gene. But darnnit I try! Every year I would proclaim "I want to start a garden!" and every year I'd get bored and give up. You see, I love watching them sprout and grow an inch or two. Once they get out of that cute as a button stage, I get tired of them.

Lord help me, let's hope I'm better with children, ha!

This year, with having our house and all I decided that I wanted a garden (famous last words..I know). Ron has been semi excited about this, talking about the different tractor attachments and other assorted over priced dirt diggers. He just wants me to let him buy more play toys for him, i.e. tractors, lawn mowers, etc. Love him, but not that much, not yet. Maybe next year. Ha!

When we went to Wal-Mart I wanted to find a pot to transplant my sun flower. I got the tiny pot with the bag of seeds at the Dollar Store. Now that's my kind of gardening. It did grow! Out of five seeds one out grew the rest. I was rooting for the little flower, I set him on my windowsill in the kitchen, I watered him and I protected him from the cat that wanted to gnaw on its little leaves. I put up barriers against the dog that wanted to sniff at it and ultimately make it meet an untimely death.

Bad Animals:

Wait a minute...those aren't mine. They cannot possibly be. That dog you see right there, she terrorizes that poor kitty you see sleeping soundly right next to her. I have looked over and seen that very cats head in that very dogs mouth. Both of them dig through my trash, try to eat my flowers, tear apart our house. Something is very wrong here.

But as I was saying. I was looking for flowers pots; I got some bright yellow 5 cup plastic pots for $1 each. Got three of those. I got a bag of soil, a 72 pot green house (with the most annoying soil rounds I have ever met), and some seeds.

My list includes:

Tomato's. What kind? I don't know..
Oregano (I'm fairly certain seeds should not be allowed to be that small)!
Shasta Daisy
Dwarf Sunflower
Red Potato

On Sunday 4/10/2011 I proclaimed that I was going to go out and garden! I assembled all my stuff, the seeds, the pots, the dirt, a container for water, my green house, scissors, measuring cup, water for me, two red potatoes, a knife, and a fork!

I was set! I was determined! And...I had fun! I plopped my butt down in the driveway and I transplanted my sunflower and added more seeds to its pot. I filled two more pots with ground and added Zinnias to one and Shasta Daisies to the other. I plumped up the dirt rounds in the green house and planted my tomato, oregano, and lettuce.

Then I got to the potatoes. I've only ever grown potatoes once; in a giant pot at my parents house. I was little. I don't remember how I grew them.

So I got my big pot, it's blue, its pretty. I put a brick in the bottom, so it doesn't blow off the front porch where I have found it a home. I put in ground and realized I did not have enough dirt, so I searched around the yard for more soil and I found some! I cut the eyes off the potatoes and stuck those suckers in the ground, watered them, and shoved them out front. Who knows if they'll grow.

My three pots: 

You see that little plant right there? That is my hard work! I love that little plant. And yes, that is my dish drying rack. You see, I don't do dishes, I give them to the dog to lick (whose coming for dinner?!). Okay, so I don't wash dishes that way. And my dish rack usually has dishes in it, that were washed with soap. But I don't know what to do with these pots.


I'll tell you why...

You see that TINY little pot sitting on that TINY little windowsill? That's why. That pot contains more sunflower seeds.

I need bigger windowsills; I dream of being one of those women who gardens at her kitchen window. I want to find a long pot to put my oregano in when it sprouts, screw putting it outdoors; that is not my vision.

I don't know if I will ever get any of my flowers/veggies put into the ground. I might just put them in bigger and bigger pots until they fulfill their duties as leafy plants. I've got a front porch that is not being used and an abundance of sunlight.

My green house is sitting in the unfinished sun room, I opened the blinds to two windows hoping the sun will come in.

If I were to leave them in the main house; that evil evil dog would eat them. Although, I do have to hand it to her, she was trying to dig holes in the yard for her own least that is what I'm going to let myself believe.

I will update my progress as a gardener as time passes; I do have some more of those tiny pots to grab from my parents house. I love those things!

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