Thursday, April 14, 2011

Every Time I Open The Door

...nothing new ever shows up.

If there is one problem I have learned from being on my own, it is that of;
what do I buy at the grocery store?

And that truthfully bothers me; what do people buy at the grocery store?! We just went shopping at Weis; I love Weis! It is all fairly cheap compared to some other bigger chains, you get great gas rewards, almost every thing is on sale in one manner or another, and it typically has everything I want or need. I just don't know what I want or need. I even went in there with a grocery list, I got maybe one or two items on it and then winged it from there. As it turns out, I am not much for planning grocery shopping.

Every two to three weeks I buy the same items, lots of meats and some veggies and the such in order to get us through the next few weeks.

Our entire food storage fits in one cabinet. 
Yup, there you go. The extent of our dry/canned foods.

Our freezer isn't any more interesting;
Thrilling; I know.

What exactly do people buy at grocery stores?! When I go to people's houses, I see freezers and cabinets chalk full of all kinds of goodies. We use it until our cabinets are bare and then we start over. Is there some sort of rotation buy before we run out policy that we are missing? Further more; are we shopping wrong?!

My next big question is;
What goes in the refrigerator?

I cannot tell you how many times I have stood in front of my fridge and wondered what could possibly go in it. What kinds of foods do people keep in their fridge? How do people keep so much in their fridges without it all getting spoiled? Why doesn't my fridge look like other people's? We use our fridge to hold condiments and drinks.

Case in point:
Sometimes my fridge houses left overs, right now it has drinks, some canned fruit, and I felt that the applesauce needed to be upgraded to fridge status. (I just got sick of it taking up room in my cabinet)

But no matter how many times I open and close those double doors, nothing new ever appears.

When I go to my parents house and open their fridge it is full; you can't stuff anything else in it without it busting at the seems and having to do one of those quick-peek-into-the-fridge-and-hope-it-doesn't-fall-out numbers. I have no fear of foods falling out of my fridge, I have no problem of finding space.

I have no problems;
& that IS my problem.

I realize I should be worried about fixing up the house or worried about how to decorate or maybe even worried about how our lawn grows; but darnnit, I am worried about what goes in my kitchen.

Is this a problem many first time home buyers without children run in to? Am I not at an age where my fridge, freezer, and cabinets should contain more then what is pictured here?

I think I will forever contemplate this. I think I will start trying to buy before running out. 

My goal for this shopping trip was $200 or under. We bought 61 items at $222 before savings. I scanned my Weis card and our list came down to $190 and some change. We saved 14% on our grocery bill. This is my grocery shopping game, to guess at how much I put in the cart and to find my "want to buy" number and come in below. I realize this probably isn't fun for most people, but I enjoy myself. It makes me feel better about spending nearly $200 on one cabinet full of food, part of a freezer, and none of a fridge.

Oh the worries of a first time home buyer..

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