Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sun Room Turned Office

For all intensive purposes the sun room is supposed to be my baby or project; as you might say.
Ron had finished up the floor in there, aside from putting the molding pieces around the edges, since we did not have them and they weren't super important. It'd be different if it was the living room or kitchen or what have you.

See? Isn't that floor beautiful?!

Then my parents brought up my desk and credenza. Don't they match just beautifully? 

My Dad got it at his work. Same with the chair. 
That vase is to keep away those flying buggers! I have wasps in there up the wazoo and they refuse to drown in this sugar water. They'll leave their little carcasses all over my new floor though. Jerks. I guess they win though, because I refuse to go in there until they stop invading.

The ugliest light on earth.
This light will eventually go away; I am not really sure what I want to put in its place. I was thinking something that hangs down a little?

The ugliest wall on earth. Ever.
You see that little box right there? The one with the mysterious plug plugged in? I've often contemplated unplugging that while Ron's using the microwave; as it is what powers it! They drilled a hole through the outside wall (the sun room used to be a porch) and plugged it in! I still giggle to myself every time I look at it because it is the most ridiculous thing. I plan on painting the wall. I was thinking either a pale blue with bright white trim or something. 

Ninja is checking out the room, he's not allowed in it really. I was thinking a Welcome mat might be in order; just for cuteness. Realistically, the chair will get shoved in the corner.

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