Sunday, July 10, 2011

Let's Get The Party Started

It's been a little while since I last wrote, when I left off Ron was laying the floor in our sun room, that beautiful cherry floating floor. The desk and credenza were brought in, the papazan chair was brought in, and I was ready to decorate.

Except for one problem; there were wasps; and lots of them! They were in there bugging Ron when we was laying floor, they were in there when I was at work, and even when I couldn't see them, I knew they were there. The idea was to be able to let the door open to the dinning room sometimes; well that was just not going to happen with wasps flying around. The last thing I wanted was to step on one, though my dog and cat are great wasper's; new word, you like?

Fun fact for the evening; dried wasp carcasses sound like fire crackers when you step on them. Even more amusing? They cause the stepper to jump in the air and freak out; I hate wasps.

Problem number two arrived when the heart of summer set in; 99 degree days make a room encased in windows just a tad hot. And by a tad, I mean sweat off a few pounds in a half hour hot. And if that actually worked; I would stay out there! But alas, it doesn't and I knew that if I put the printer or anything else mildly expensive it would more than likely  blow up. Not cool. Not happening.

And so it sat.

I got the bright idea to paint the door, on the inside of the sun room, because I had not seen any sign of wasps in awhile and I figured I would deal with the heat problem. We went down to the local grocery store/hardware store, because living in the boonies means picking up tools and paint with your chicken.

The door BEFORE painting
Now the door is not in the best of shape and the molding around the door is not straight, in fact, the more I painted the door the more I realized how hard they tried to make it look straight. I wanted to laugh because I could only imagine what all took place when this door was being put in. Granted, it was built in 1940 by a husband/father, probably handcrafted with love and the height of their proudest moments for him.

They already had paint on the thin as sliced deli ham windows, but I figured I would not add to it and that I would simply tape it off with electric green painters tape. I had to have that color, I would not let Ron have a choice in the matter; the tape was going to be green; bright green.

And so I taped. I hate taping around things; I don't hate it, I loathe it. If I could just paint over everything; I would. This is the one perk to our house, we have no stained wood trim, it is all painted; this house was meant for a painter like me.

In Progress
Isn't the color pretty? Even Ron loves the color; he has admitted, though not happily, that we should consider using it else where in the house when the time comes. Points for me! I was going to paint around the inside frame, so I didn't care if it got a little messy. Remember, at this point, this was going to be an office. My office.

And so our door sits. Tape and all.

Why? Well, I'll tell you why...

My office sort of decided it was lonely out there; all hot and unused. So it crept inside to the dinning room and made itself a home right there in the corner. It invited the credenza in and asked the printer come chill out. Everything that used to be in that corner is now out in the sun room.

Why the change? That's another blog post!



  1. I love that you are taking on a fixer! And I love the door color. Thanks for following The Turquoise Piano!

  2. Aw! thank you for commenting; you have no idea how excited I am that someone has actually commented!! I love love love'd the actual Turquoise Piano and if I could talk my husband into letting me paint my piano that color & bringing it into this house; I would!