Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life Happens

It seems like I took a hiatus from the blog, I wish I had some new pictures to post or some new demolition to post, but I don't. Life is happening all around us and to us. There is SO much going on and going wrong at the moment.

Our truck took a dump; for lack of better terminology. For two months we dealt with trying to get it fixed before just buying a brand new Escape. Along with a brand new car comes the brand new worry of another bill; but a bill that has gotten us out of such a mess. A blessing in disguise, we may look back on this and be thankful. Ha.

He works a lot, there is no way to get around it but work comes first; house comes second. He isn't a super hero and I am still just a girl who doesn't know how to demo a house or rebuild. I wish I could be super house demo girl or something. Although our puppy is trying to do demo work for us, one chair rung at a time. Nom.Nom.Nom.

We are getting married! Thinking, dreaming, worrying, and stressing over the upcoming wedding has had my mind else where. I want to get our house done but I'd rather be picking out flower arrangements. When I get frustrated with one, I kick back into "let's fix up the house!" gear and that turns to frustration quick. It's a no win but both will be accomplished.

It has been raining harshly here within the last few weeks; with rain storms comes learning your house's faults. Our house weeps for our love and by weeps, I mean literally cries streams of water down our basement walls into self wallowing pools of wobbly concrete and another big project to undertake fairly soon.

Oh Money Fairy; where are you?!

The weather has finally turned, we can feel Spring trying to make its arrival. We hope Spring has made its arrival. With the up coming warm weather Ron will be taking out the bathroom window and we will be patching that up in order to start putting the tub in. In reality, it is all a fairly simple process, you build a few walls, put in a tub, put in your toilet, slap down some tile, make sure your lightening works, and shove in a vanity. Oh if only...

The project that comes next or first or during is re-piping the house. Anyone ever play that plumber game where you have to keep putting the plumbing into the right place before the green goo gets you? That is the image I've got in my head.

Once the bathroom is in, the make shift closet (aka our current bathroom) is going be demolished and we will put the washer and dryer there. With shelves. And plenty of space to actually do laundry.

We will be putting the bedroom upstairs together. Gosh, after sleeping in the livingroom for so long, I'm not sure I can muster having to trip walk down the stairs every morning. Maybe we should consider putting the bedroom in the livingroom and the livingroom in the bedroom? Ha!

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