Friday, January 14, 2011

What Makes A Home?

This yellow house sits atop a road named after the stars. Weighing in at 1.5 stories tall, attached sun porch, and wrap around drive way it would make the perfect home for someone looking for - the perfect home. Sure, you can't actually get to the front door without trampling on grass, and sure it looks bigger on the outside, but it is cozy.

I am sure everybody has heard of the phrase "the house has charm" or "well your house just has a lot of personality". Our house, though it has both, is sort of behind on the times. It is as though the memo was sent out but the house never got it. There was no "welcome to the 21st century dear home!", this house was built in 1948 and it was stuck in 1948. (I've got psychedelic red carpets upstairs to prove it too).

If you want ample closet space; this home is not for you. If you would like a shower; this home is not for you. If you would like an oven that works right; this home is not for you. Do you enjoy correct plumbing and wiring? If so, this home is not for you.

But is IS livable. The carpet is fluffy, the walls are standing, there is no drug paraphernalia hidden within the walls.

There is a lot of bad I could say about this house, but it is not "bad", it is good because it is a learning experience, it is life. Real life. It contains the items that we will fix or change.

This blog is about our home. There will be pictures and there will be explanations. There will be "WOW" moments and "WTF?!" moments. But as we go through and redo the entire house, the personality and the charm will start to change. It will start to become who we are, not who the house is or was.

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  1. I love the outside of your sweet home!
    Looking forward to seeing all you will do to make it yours!
    Dee Dee