Friday, January 14, 2011

One Lesson Learned

When we first started looking for a home we never expected to find one. It may seem like an un-well thought out plan, but it worked for us. Knowing you cannot afford much and knowing what you can get for what you cannot afford go hand in hand. There's only so many ways to spin an option before it becomes all wound up; we did a lot of spinning and we worked out a lot of equations. That proverbial brick wall that stands in front of some people? We met it, we faced it, and we left our forehead imprints in it. If you would like to become a gambler, start by buying a house. I can gurantee that you will have thrown your money into some tricky situations, that pins and needles will become the new ground under your feet, and even try as you might; you can still lose. I do not ever want to go house hunting again. Ever. Period.

We found our house though. Bless its little yellow heart. Neither one of us are very determined and at that point will power and determination were foreign concepts. We just wanted something; indefinate rejection, a happy outcome, a slight glimmer of hope, anything that would either open the door or nail it shut. If there is one major key factor here, it is to find a determined realtor, one that truly wants to sell a house, make sure his customers are happy, and one who is hell bent on making sure all other realtors and sellers in the process get on the same page. Had we not had that gumption backing us, we'd still be at square one.

Our house is yellow. It lacks insulation. It's rather drafty and cold. There is no shower. The wiring is scarey. The water is smelly. We sleep on an air mattress. We have no furnite. And the mailbox is rusty. But this is our home. This is our charming little house, in the middle of no where.

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