Sunday, January 8, 2012


Okay; here's my problem....

I want to post other stuff on my blog other then just house stuff; such as ideas about the house and maybe even just updates. I, however, feel that this blog must strictly be house renovating related. How do I do the cross over into normal blogging? Actually; I feel super lame just having a few photos and saying "this, this, and this happened". =/ Everyone else has such cool blogs with more info then just their house on them.

Truth be told; I want to be a cool blogger too!

I started a coupon blog too; it's real lame. It has 198 coupons that I clipped and listed; they cost $1.00 (over all, not per coupon, but per bundle). The idea is that people will buy more then just one coupon. But I like clipping coupons, I just don't really use them because I tend to be sort of boring in my grocery shopping, lol.

Does anyone out there use coupons? Would anyone be interested in seeing that blog?

I absolutely love love love reading all the blogs I have added to my blogger and even the ones I haven't! From debt to finance to DIY and house renovating to coupons and all those goodies.

Perhaps I'm hopeless....I really want to post FOOD on here too, food that I have cooked (and looks presentable)!!

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  1. Oh my, feel free to post about anything on this blog! House stuff, personal thoughts and ideas, crafts, recipes...anything you can think of! Some of my favorite blogs combine everything!
    I don't use coupons simply because i don't get the Sunday paper anymore!
    Blog away.... be cool because you are cool!
    Dee Dee