Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How To Decorate For Christmas!

Here at Seven Stars we sort of live in a state of disaster. Not a little disaster, but full blown state of emergency, alert somebody with loud obnoxious sirens, wee ooo wee woo; that kind of disaster.

Because our living room looks like the after math of a really sad construction site, it was impossible [and pointless] to go out, buy a tree, and do the Christmas thing. After all, I'm a paranoid weirdo and the front curtains must be kept close 24/7, no arguing. I think I'm scared my neighbors might see that humans live here...or something like that.

So I was tidying up the dinning room turned office that has never seen a dinner table since we moved in, and I felt a little of that Christmas spirit. Yup, 11 days before Christmas and I start to decorate. Go me!

I had bought this little fluffy pre lit fake Christmas tree when I was younger; since all teenagers need fake Christmas trees?

However, in our first year here, our sweet loving terrorizing dog [JoJo] thought it would be a wonderful idea to chew the lights off the tree. So I dug out this flattened mangled chewed up lights tree, took all the lights off, fluffed it back up...and....we have Christmas!

 Sure, it doesn't look like much, but it actually is quit pretty. The little gold Birdie was from my husbands office Christmas party center piece last year and I had bought the little velvet bows, having absolutely no idea what I was going to do with them.

Above the windows, where there should be a curtain rod, but isn't, are more bows and some special ornaments.

I'm still searching for more ways to sneak Christmas into our house! 

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  1. Oh my.... you are so brave to put up your tree, actually I think you are brave just living in your home during the renos! I hope all is going well and can't wait to see more! Love the Christmas decor!
    Dee Dee